Wooden flutes handmade in Finland

Flute is great instrument for making music. When blowing into it your own breath goes through the flute and you can feel it’s play all over your body. Airstream on tip of your fingers, resonating inner you and notes of music in your ears.

As an instrument, flute is really easy to learn, propably one of the easiest from all. After finding the playing technique it’s real fun and progress happens fast. Yet it doesn’t get boring but playing the flute gives more and more joy by every breath and blow!

Our flutes are

  • 100 % Finnish handcraft
  • From selected and high quality materials
  • Tuned to concert pitch (A⁴=440hz)
  • Naturally finished
Our flutes comes with a bag and a small playing guide notebook.

Buy your own flute

Do you want to get on playing the flute or maybe give one as a gift for your loved one? We make flutes in many keys
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By buying our flute you support Finnish real-made handicraft!